We protect your organisation and its reputation

As trusted confidantes, advisors and strategists to high-level senior management we support organisations to prepare for, and confront, any organisational issue or crisis.

Crisis shapes your future reputation

After all, no organisation, however diligent, is immune from change, crisis or scrutiny. We have a calm, confident, no-nonsense approach. And in the turmoil and confusion of a crisis, we help you to make clear-sighted decisions to protect the existence and reputation of your organisation.

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Years Experience

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Hands-on Crises Managed

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Crisis Management Teams
Established and Trained

Hard Rain is led by Carl Courtney.

Frontline crisis management specialist.

Prior to launching Hard Rain, Carl was the major shareholder, managing director and finally executive chairman of an award-winning, top 10 independent London PR firm. 

Following the sale of the business, Carl set up Hard Rain as a specialist issue and crisis practice with a mission to prepare organisations to be crisis ready. Carl is trained and certified in Business Continuity Management and is accredited with the BCI Institute.

“I move organisations from preparedness to readiness, bringing first-hand experience and the discipline to ensure best practice.”

A wealth of experience

Carl has handled some of the most high-profile crises to hit the national and international headlines. Working to protect the reputations of organisations under extreme pressure, and facing the most intense scrutiny from the media, politicians and stakeholders.

As one of a very few crisis-management professionals with this depth of experience, and the highest levels of personal security clearance, you can rest assured of complete confidentiality whatever the issue. Carl’s considerable experience includes managing crises ranging from product recalls, libel cases and mass redundancies, to food contamination, sexual harassment and death-in-service incidents that have led to corporate manslaughter charges.

Hard Rain Specialists

Kerry Knight

Communications Specialist

With over 15 years’ experience, Kerry has a broad understanding of business, brand, communication and the ingredients for creating and protecting the reputation of organisations. 

Her strong strategic, creative and technical skills make Kerry highly valued by Hard Rain clients for getting under the skin of their organisations and providing robust and detailed training materials. After four years in the world of crisis, Kerry is also able to produce first class crisis materials when crisis has struck. 

“Many clients are initially fearful of the speed and reach digital media gives crises. We help our clients use digital comms and social media to their advantage – even helping to control the narrative in mainstream media. “

A creative strategist

Kerry and Carl work together closely on national and global brands both in preparation to achieve crisis readiness, and when an incident brings an organisation into play. Having developed her crisis communication skills in the digital age, Kerry’s expertise lie in advising clients on the demands the online landscape imposes on all organisations, especially in times of crisis. 

White Hats

As part of protecting Hard Rain clients’ brand reputations, we utilise the expertise and knowledge of digital security specialists to identify and manage any online vulnerabilities for brands and individuals, including reputational damage,  fraudulent activities and social engineering risks. 


Legal Experts

When there is a legal requirement for a crisis, Hard Rain collaborates with a team of specialist lawyers to provide clients with all the necessary advice to make informed decisions that also need to navigate the legal landscape.


Are you prepared?

The most valuable asset of your organisation is its reputation.

The Hard Rain approach

We believe in honesty, transparency, consistency and accountability.

Hard Rain is relentless in its approach to crises. With a lifetime of experience, we support our clients to demonstrate crisis readiness through our crisis management, communications and training provisions.

We advocate a long-term partnership approach, with many clients now entering a second decade of benefiting from the invaluable expertise Hard Rain provides. 

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