Reputational threat

of business from employee's fraudulent history

Hard Rain helped a client deal with the media scrutiny following the discovery of an employee’s unknown fraudulent history.

A trusted manager known to our client for some 20 years found the media on the doorstep of their London premises. The journalists were accusing the employee of fraud in a previous role within a public sector organisation. 

As the publicity was endangering their existing contracts, our client instructed Hard Rain to handle the fall out. Having no involvement with the historic act committed by the manager, our client was blameless. However, they were still suffering the consequences of their employee’s actions.

After removing the manager from the business, we produced a full comms deck, alongside providing media training for the CEO. With the objective to clear the good name of his organisation through media interviews and customer presentations.

The whole incident took place over one weekend. The problem emerged early on a Friday and Hard Rain delivered everything required by the Sunday lunchtime. Resulting in the client being able to swiftly deal with the employee’s fraudulent history claims. 

Whilst it’s now back to business as usual for our client, a lesson was learnt. That human capital can bring unexpected baggage as well an unwelcome experience! 

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