Resolving planning issues

with a local community

Hard Rain alleviates concerns and resolve planning issues surrounding the development of land raised by a local community.

An educational institution client planned to sell some surplus land. Rather than a housing development, they wanted to convert the land into a serious service operation for its transport fleet. As the land was located just outside the green-belt, the client expected the news to be well received. As it would be an alternative development to providing more housing.

Research into public opinion found that the local community were unhappy with the future local planning of the land. Initially, there was huge resistance to any change happening at all. Not put off by these findings, our client brought us in to prepare for any opposition that might be met.

The agreed strategy was to confront the locals with a hard choice. We produced a full comms deck which included everything our client required. From time-lines, announcements, local consultation and Town Hall meetings to the detailed architectural drawings, environmental impacts and more. This allowed the client to present the reasons for the development as well as the intended physical changes. With the sale to house builders presented as the alternative scenario to the proposed plan.

Whilst there was a furore initially, the resistance didn’t last long as the local community felt engaged. They could see that bringing in investment to create fresh employment opportunities was better for the community. And that the introduction of more housing would have placed a greater strain on the local infrastructure.

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