Issue Management

to avert a crisis

Effective crisis management is being proactive to foresee potential crises before they happen. This process of issue management helps reduce the impact or avert a crisis entirely.

Identifying issues and managing them is fundamental in reducing the likelihood of a crisis occurring in the first place. Retaining Hard Rain’s services often means we’re able to divert your organisation from a crisis unfolding.

A major automotive manufacturer utilised Hard Rain’s expertise in issue management following a decision to move its factory. As the move would result in the loss of over 500 members of staff. Unfortunately, the factory was located in area of high unemployment. This meant it was imperative that the company handled the relocation carefully.

The whole process was mapped in advance to the relocation announcement. Following its launch, the plan followed a pre-determined timetable. This covered every element of support in preparation to manage the issue. Those affected by the relocation, were given personalised programmes to assist with every aspect of their lives. From funding for retraining, assistance with redeployment to counselling.

Hard Rain worked with the management team to craft every action and communication. From speeches and correspondence, to media training and Q&A decks. This was to ensure the decision was communicated humanely, clearly and orderly to everyone affected by it. The leadership team, Hard Rain and specialist external lawyers agreed each element of the plan. With the media and social media tracked and engaged with, where appropriate, throughout the period.

The feedback from the company’s management team regarding the issue management was: “There was a plan and we executed it well.”

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