Corporate Manslaughter

and dealing with death in service situations

Hard Rain deals with death in service situations that result in corporate manslaughter prosecutions. 

A ‘bad day at the office’ can’t get much worse for business leaders than the loss of an employee’s life within their organisation. However, the subsequent prosecution of their leadership team for Corporate Manslaughter made it far worse than they expected. Confronting corporate vilification compounds the stress and serious nature of such an incident. Not to mention dealing with the threat to their personal freedom too. 

Hard Rain has worked on several cases where death in service has occurred, sometimes followed by prosecutions. In these instances, an organisation can expect to come under intense scrutiny. With actions taken being as important as words spoken.

Acting in conjunction with specialist lawyers, what the organisation says and does is a matter of experience and fine judgement. And as can be expected with pending prosecutions, everything can be dissected by observers including opponents in the case. In these situations, Hard Rain can provide seasoned guidance from an independent perspective.

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