A trusted manager known to our client for some 20 years found the media on the doorstep of their London premises.

An educational institution client planned to sell some surplus land to a putative purchaser looking to convert the land into a serious service operation for its transport fleet.

Hard Rain assisted two separate clients during the horse meat crisis in 2013.

Identifying issues and managing them is fundamental in reducing the likelihood of a crisis occurring in the first place.

A 'bad day at the office' can't get much worse for business leaders than the loss of an employee's life within their organisation.

Product mis-labelling during the manufacturing process of a Hard Rain client, resulted in the deaths of thoroughbred horses.

Hard Rain works discreetly for a number of high-profile independent schools across a variety of scenarios.

Hard Rain client, Securitas, was robbed of £53m at its Tonbridge Depot.

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